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        Home-Emergency Rescue Equipment-Fire Fighting Robot

        Emergency rescue equipment


        Product details

        Product Overview:
        Fire extinguishing robot is a kind of special robot. Lithium battery power source is used as the power source, and the fire extinguishing robot is controlled remotely by wireless remote control. It can be used in a variety of large-scale petrochemical enterprises, tunnels, subways, etc., and there are many dangerous places for disasters such as oil gas, gas leaks, tunnels, and subway collapses. Fire fighting robots play a pivotal role in emergency rescue and rescue. It mainly replaces special equipment for firefighters to rescue from fire sites or smoke fires.

        Product Characteristics:
        1. The support area is large, and the track grounding ratio of 150 mm reaches 70 %. It is suitable for complex environmental operations such as soft and muddy operations. It has a small depression, small rolling resistance, and good off-road maneuverability.
        2. The steering radius is very small and can achieve in-situ steering.
        3. There are teeth on the support surface of the strap, it is not easy to slip, and the traction adhesion performance is good, which is conducive to hair with a lot of traction.
        4. The chassis height exceeds 170mm and has super climbing and obstacle climbing capabilities.
        5. The body shell adopts Q235 steel plate, which is durable and has good overall protection performance.
        6. Remote control of fire cannon pitching, strafing, large flow, high range, a variety of injection methods, DC, atomization, key switch.
        7. HD wireless graphics transmission system to achieve remote real-time video monitoring.
        8. Using advanced wireless communication technology, the communication distance is far and the interference resistance is strong.
        9. Detecting equipment for toxic and harmful gases is optional.

        Technical parameters

        Car Body Parameters:

        Overall Dimensions

        Length * Width*Height


        The Weight 


        Clearance From The Ground


        Maximum Speed

        0-1.6m/s,Remote Control Of CVT

        Climbing Ability


        The Barrier Height






        Working Time


        Steering Radius

        Spin Around

        The Rated Torque


        Protection Grade


        Self-preservation Device

        Body Spray Cooling System

        Remote Control Distance


        Fire Extinguishing Parameters:

        Maximum Pressure






        Water Cannon Angle

        Pitch Angle: 30~90 degrees; Turn Angle: Left 135 Degrees, Right 135 Degrees

        Water Interface

        80 Interface*2

        The product video

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