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        Home-Emergency Rescue Equipment-Fire Hydrant IoT module

        Fire Hydrant IoT module


        Product Overview

        Fire hydrants generally have 2-3 outlets with diameters of 65mm and 100mm. The 65mm outlet is used to connect the fire hose, and the 100mm outlet is specially used to rehydrate the fire truck. Under normal circumstances, all outlets are covered with a closed cover to prevent leakage, which outlet to use on the corresponding closed cover to open. 

        The installation diameter of the hydrant anti-theft water alarm device is 100mm, which is used to replace the original 100mm outlet airtight cover. The anti-theft water alarm device for fire hydrants does not need to change the original structure of fire hydrants, it can detect the water state of fire hydrants, and send the water alarm information of fire hydrants and the geographical information of fire hydrants to the centralized control center through GPRS, realizing the centralized supervision of fire hydrants.

        The intelligent hydrant remote monitoring master station system not only has the functions of remote data collection, abnormal alarm, fire hydrant asset management, statement analysis, etc., but also has the geographic information system of fire hydrant, the geographic information management function of fire hydrant, and the positioning of fire hydrant.

        Product Features

        ● Anti-theft water function: when someone USES water at 100mm outlet and twists the anti-theft water alarm device of the fire hydrant, the inclined switch in the device will deviate from the position and lead through, triggering the anti-theft water alarm device of the fire hydrant to transmit the alarm information to the centralized control center via GPRS, realizing timely alarm. When someone USES water at the 65mm outlet, the water pressure in the hydrant after the discharge triggers the closure of the micro switch in the hydrant anti-theft water alarm device, which also triggers the device to send the alarm information to the centralized control center. 

        ● Remote transmission function: the built-in GPRS module is normally closed. In case of collision, fire hydrant opening, pressure abnormality and other state changes, the GPRS module works and reports abnormal data.

        ● Regular report function: report work status data regularly every day.

        ● Positioning function: the location of fire hydrant can be quickly located through GIS system.

        ● Local maintenance function: the fire hydrant anti-theft water alarm device is equipped with bluetooth communication function to realize wireless maintenance of it through mobile APP.

        Product Parameters


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