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      The drone developed by our company successfully tested in Xuzhou Public Security Fire Brigade
      Release time:2018/10/23 19:05:54      Click on the number of times:494

      On October 9th, the fire rescue drone developed by Jiangsu Hongyi UAV Application Technology Co., Ltd. successfully piloted the Xuzhou Public Security Fire Brigade. Xuzhou City Public Security Fire Brigade Commander Liang Jun, Chief of Staff Li Jianwei, Director of Logistics Department Xu Wei, the person in charge of the relevant business department participated in the drone flight test. Xuzhou Public Security Fire Brigade experts also exchanged views on the application prospects of fire rescue UAVs and the expansion and application in the rescue field, and put forward feasible suggestions for the supplement of UAV functions during fire rescue.

      In the process of using the UAV test flight, the field test of video aerial photography, image transmission, gas detection, data back transmission and other functions was completed. The application of the drone will help the fire officers and soldiers to effectively detect some disaster scenes that are difficult to detect and difficult to access. In the first time, they will shoot from high altitude and return the live image in real time to understand the fire spread. Personnel trapped, specific orientation, casualties, etc., provide technical support and guarantee for the commander to grasp the scene of the accident, choose the offensive path, and view the development of the fire, which can greatly improve the efficiency of investigation and reduce the coefficient of personal injury.

      The success of this test flight marks the initial success of the company's research and development of SKYWALKER, which is an affirmation of our company and SKYWALKER.

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