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      Tilt Photography Module Product Features and Functions
      Release time:2018/10/23 18:55:18      Click on the number of times:1015

      Receive a wide range of data sources

      Can accept a variety of raw data collected from a variety of hardware, including large fixed-wing aircraft, manned helicopters, large and medium-sized drones, street-view cars, handheld digital cameras and even mobile phones, and directly restore these data into a continuous real three-dimensional Models, whether large-scale massive city-level data or archaeological-grade models to millimeters, can easily restore the closest real model.

      Output public data format

      It can output common compatible formats including obj, osg (osgb), dae, etc. It can be easily imported into various mainstream GIS application platforms, and it can generate model accuracy levels of more than 20 levels of pyramids, which can smoothly respond to local access or internet based. Remote access browsing.

      Model can be patched

      After the model is exported, it can be repaired by third-party modeling software such as 3DMax to improve the modeling effect. It can also be modified by subsequent software to achieve the perfect integration with the traditional model.

      Model can be singularized

      The model can be singularized in batches to implement attribute data hooking.

      The model can be based on the same set of data on the desktop side of the mobile phone.

      The prepared oblique data model can realize the same set of data browsing on the mobile phone and the desktop.

      Model management diversification

      In addition to the existing tilt model, Skyline also offers a new TerraGate SFS 3DML model service that can be published as a service for remote users. In addition, the model can also be uploaded to the database.

      Basic browsing

      The 3D navigation map window provides quick and easy navigation for smooth, multi-angle, multi-modal (mobile, large screen, desktop) model browsing.


      Attribute query

      Through CityBuilder, the singularization of the tilt model can be realized, that is, the connection between the model and the corresponding vector layer, thereby realizing the attribute query of a single model and the retrieval of information.

      Basic measurement

      The Skyline platform provides powerful measurement capabilities for measuring horizontal, vertical, planar and 3D elevations of the model.


      Sunshine analysis

      Sunlight analysis calculates the proportion of light and shadow within the selected range of the model by selecting the time span.


      Horizon analysis

      Horizon analysis provides a 3D viewable range of any given point in a 3D model, or a real-time 3D view of an object moving along a specified path.


      Spread range analysis

      The sweep range analysis calculates and marks the spatial impact range of the selected points on the ground.


      Model flattening

      Skyline provides a model flattening function that modifies the tilt model to achieve a perfect combination of the tilt model and the traditional 3D model. For industries such as planning, it can also be used to replace user planning model data to meet industry applications.


      Rolling curtain contrast

      Roller blind contrast creates and contrasts changes in buildings, land use, etc. in a certain area. Roller blind comparisons can be used to compare different planning scenarios, pre- and post-use scenarios, and regional differences based on timeliness.


      Water surface effect

      The water surface area of the tilt model often has holes or inconsistent color of the texture. Skyline provides several water body texture schemes to meet the water effects of different areas.


      Street view fusion

      Due to the production principle of the tilt model, the tilt model has different degrees of stretching and twisting when it is close to the ground. Skyline can use the secondary development to call the street view data to realize the linkage between the tilt data and the street view data. When you are close to the ground, you can automatically switch to Street View mode to increase the richness of information.

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