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        Luliang Fire Brigade Project
        Release time:2018/10/24 11:48:48      Click on the number of times:678

        On March 20, 2018, Honghu's drones and mounted equipment products were officially delivered to the Luliang City Fire Brigade. The use of drones to integrate and carry key mounting equipment can help rescue in a variety of situations. The tilt photography technology developed by our company can collect real images from vertical and oblique angles to obtain more comprehensive texture details and present real 3D data. The multi-component gas analyzer supports the detection of 32 common component gases, and can simultaneously detect 6 component gases, which can clearly detect toxic and harmful gases in the field. The photoelectric pod adopts the self-developed three-axis self-stabilizing pan/tilt control technology, and the control precision reaches 0.02 degrees, which effectively ensures the stability of the image transmission effect of the drone. The pan/tilt can be controlled by looking down and full angle, and the water balance roller is self-stabilizing. Mode, convenient for multi-faceted image acquisition. The 3D GIS platform enables real-time updates and presentations of the Internet of Things to view video surveillance and real-time data online.

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