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      Xuzhou Fire Brigade Project
      Release time:2018/10/24 11:47:07      Click on the number of times:523

      In June 2017, Jiangsu Honghu UAV Application Technology Co., Ltd., in accordance with the needs of the Xuzhou Public Security Fire Brigade, and the China University of Mining and Technology jointly developed a solution for the integrated system of fire detection, rescue and assist decision-making. The drone and its equipped module can provide a basic platform for urban public security fire emergency and auxiliary rescue. The emergency and auxiliary rescue module equipped with the drone can accurately describe the whole process of fire occurrence, development and spread. It is of great practical significance to provide basic information for predicting the spread of fire in advance and determine the fire hazard range, and provide scientific guidance for efficient fire fighting, emergency rescue, evacuation, etc., in order to effectively reduce the casualties and economic losses caused by fire. And social values.

      This project takes the key units of fire protection and fire protection in urban areas as the research object, and adopts the drone camera technology and Smart3D technology to carry out fast, simple and fully automatic three-dimensional modeling, and at the same time establish a controlled and accurate model of fire equipment and personnel. It integrates with three-dimensional virtual fire prediction model, virtual fire-controlled vehicle, equipment and personnel training model, and establishes a set of wartime commander's wartime rapid modeling command and daily firefighting combat simulation training. Training integrated system platform. The system can effectively and intuitively simulate the firefighting resources, personnel deployment, fire fighting and rescue deployment strategies in urban areas after the fire, measure the rationality and effectiveness of fire command operations in each mode, and improve the scientific science of combat and the level of firefighting and rescue technology.

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