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        [The doctoral group is coming! 】 Peking University Ph.D. delegation visited Honghu UAV to investigate and exchange
        Release time:2018/10/24 11:46:12      Click on the number of times:1042

        On August 14, 2018, a group of 15 doctors from the Peking University School of Engineering visited Honghu UAV to investigate and exchange, and General Manager Liu Zhaofeng personally received it.

        Wang Yongsheng, Director of R&D Department, introduced the company's independent research and development products to the visiting North University fighters: tilting camera 545s, tilting camera v3, three-light pod, multi-component gas analyzer and three-dimensional GIS fire fighting command platform.

        In the conference room, Director Wang presented the wisdom firefighting 3D GIS operational command platform to the doctoral group, including the remote return function of the drone video, the remote return function of the toxic and harmful gas information of the drone, and the cloud reading function of the basic information of the affected unit. The disaster-affected unit IoT information integration function disaster impact range prediction and early warning function, combat personnel, vehicle positioning display function, disaster site emergency operational command function, disaster site construction and construction three-dimensional measurement function.


        The members of the Ph.D. team of Peking University have a strong interest in our GIS platform. Many members have asked questions and  Director Wang patiently answered them one by one.


        Due to the limited time of the visit, the members of the doctoral group were still unfinished at the end, and they handed over the business cards to each other, indicating that they hoped to keep in touch.


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