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        [Environmental drone] Jiangsu Honghu UAV company debuted at China Environmental Expo and waited for you!
        Release time:2018/10/24 11:38:54      Click on the number of times:763

        On May 3, the 19th China Environmental Expo was co-sponsored by the China Environmental Science Society, the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Environmental Chamber of Commerce, China Renewable Resources Comprehensive Utilization Association, Munich Expo Group and ChinaMunich Munich Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai New International Expo Center was grandly opened.


        As a fresh force in the environmental protection industry, Jiangsu Honghu UAV Company brought a variety of mounting equipment to the China Environmental Expo. At the meeting, our company demonstrated on-site environmental drones that equipped with three-light pods, tilt cameras, multi-component gas analyzers, etc., how to show their talents in environmental emergency monitoring, environmental quality monitoring, pollution source monitoring, etc. Unhealthy phenomena such as “stalk burning” have been effectively curbed and become “a weapon” for environmental law enforcement in environmental protection departments. At the same time, the drone quietly cruises to the air pollution company, the air quality data, the real-time picture is completely unobstructed, so that the illegal activities of the sewage company have nowhere to hide.


        It is understood that with the further release of environmental protection needs, China's environmental protection market has become the world's second largest environmental protection market. Jiangsu Honghu UAV Company independently developed a variety of mounting equipment and supporting software platforms based on drones. Environmental monitoring provides a completely new solution.

        The exhibition will last until May 5th. We warmly invite you to visit us and discuss with us the knowledge of atmospheric environmental protection and environmental monitoring. The exhibition venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center, booth number: E99 Hall 2099.

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