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      Warm congratulations to our company for obtaining the "high and new technology product identification certificate"
      Release time:2018/10/24 11:30:00      Click on the number of times:496

      Recently, our company's product “Fire-fighting IoT Combat Command System Based on Tilting Camera 3D Modeling Technology” was recognized as “High-tech Product” by Jiangsu Science and Technology Department. The acquisition of this high-tech product certificate is unacceptable to Jiangsu Honghu UAV Application Technology Co., Ltd. fully recognizes the research and innovation capabilities.


      The 3D fire fighting command system is based on the 3D GIS platform to load the tilting photography 3D scene to realize the 3D plan. The platform simulates the fire scene through the particle special effects, and loads the firefighters, fire engines and other 3D models to realize the battle deployment of the plan. At the same time, the platform can realize Dynamic planning of the travel path of fire engines or firefighters, dynamic roaming of fire scenes, and real-time display of IoT data.

      The combat command system is a smart firefighting 3D GIS software platform developed by Jiangsu Honghu UAV Application Technology Co., Ltd. and China University of Mining and Technology based on big data, cloud computing, mobile internet, 3D GIS and other technologies. The platform effectively implements the basic requirements of intelligent fire protection for a map command, a map schedule, a map analysis, and a map decision. Our company will further enhance the independent innovation capability and promote the upgrading and development of high-tech industries.

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