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      Honghu drone unveiled at the 17th International Fire Equipment Technology Exchange Exhibition
      Release time:2018/10/24 9:43:39      Click on the number of times:509

      The 17th International Fire Equipment Technology Exchange Exhibition (CHINA FIRE 2017) kicked off in Beijing from September 5th to 8th, 2017. The relevant leaders of the Ministry of Public Security and the China Fire Protection Association attended the opening ceremony. Chen Weiming, president of the China Fire Protection Association, said in his speech that the exhibition has a large scale, a large audience, high technology content, wide coverage, and efficient use of new technologies. It has the latest research and development of fire-fighting vehicles, drones, fire-fighting robots, etc., as well as wisdom. The latest technologies such as fire-fighting IoT technology, fire-fighting systems, and combat platforms.

      Jiangsu Honghu UAV Application Technology Co., Ltd. brings fire-fighting drones and their mounted products (inclined camera, three-light pod, gas analyzer, aerial lighting, portable ground station), smart fire vehicle terminal and three-dimensional GIS smart fire platform A full range of innovative products were unveiled at the International Fire Show.


      Jiangsu Hongyi UAV Hongyi UAV and its mounted products have a number of independent intellectual property rights and core technologies. The unique equipment appearance and excellent performance have attracted domestic and foreign industry experts to participate in exchanges with exhibitors.


      In addition, at this exhibition, Jiangsu Hongyi UAV and Xugong Group worked closely together on smart fire protection to achieve a major breakthrough in the application of fire trucks. The vehicle gas analyzer, personnel and vehicle positioning system of Jiangsu Hongjun UAV, Combined with XCMG's ascending platform, fire trucks and ladder fire trucks can play a vital role in practical applications, which can help firefighters understand the site layout, building structure and fire situation, and provide effective fire rescue and personnel safety. Safeguards. The picture shows the chief technical officer of Jiangsu Hongyi Technology, who gave a detailed explanation on the working principle of the intelligent module, and demonstrated the important role of each intelligent module in fire rescue.


      Shanghai Graman International Fire-fighting Equipment Co., Ltd., which has reached a cooperative relationship with our company, also participated in the fire-fighting exhibition. The picture shows that Graman is showing the company's vehicle positioning system and the intelligent fire-fighting 3D GIS combat platform to the audience.


      Technology is strong, and the industry is serving the country. Relying on the technical advantages of the School of Safety of China University of Mining and Technology, Jiangsu Hongyi UAV has been committed to the development, production and sales of fire-fighting drone intelligent load and 3D GIS intelligent fire-fighting platform, and has taken the lead in the field of intelligent fire protection.

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