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        HHOP-V4 Five-eye Tilt Camera


        Product Details

        HHOP-V4 is a newly developed tilt camera from Honghu UAV. Based on HHOP-V3, it has greatly improved the weight and system design. V4 currently weighs only 900g, which can effectively improve the operation time of the drone; the external interface is more concise, and with the unique quick-release structure of the company, the user can complete the disassembly and assembly of the camera and the wire connection within 20 seconds; the electrical design adopts a new idea. More compact and more stable; the V4 also features a new custom lens for lighter weight and clearer photos. At present, it has been tested on various mainstream drone platforms, and compatibility and convenience can better meet user needs.

        Technical Parameters

        Total Camera pixel


        Exposure Mode

        Fixed Point, Timing

        Power Supply

        Aircraft Power Supply Or External Battery Power Supply

        Number Of Cameras


        Minimum Exposure Interval


        POS Record

        Self-contained GPS Record POS Geographic Information

        Lens Focal Length




        Data Reading

        Read POS Data, Photos Via USB

        Sensor Size


        Total Weight


        Differential System

        Support PPK And RTK Differential Systems

        Cell Size




        PC Software

        Data Preprocessing,One-click Generation Of Modeling Project Files

        The Product Video

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