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        HHOP-545 Five-eye Tilt Camera


        Product Details

        Honghu tilt camera features lighter, smaller, more reliable, intelligent data processing, high-precision and accurate 3D modeling. Tilt photography is a high-tech developed in the field of international remote sensing and surveying in recent years. It breaks through the limitations of traditional aerial surveying cameras that can only obtain orthophotos from vertical angles. By carrying multiple image sensors on the same flight platform, it simultaneously captures real images with spatial information from vertical and oblique angles. In order to obtain more comprehensive texture details, the user presents a real and intuitive world that fits the human eye. The oblique three-dimensional data can realistically reflect the appearance, position, height and other attributes of the object, enhance the high immersion caused by the three-dimensional data, and make up for the low defect of the traditional artificial modeling. At the same time, using the currently popular UAV with tilt camera to carry out terrain mapping and automatic modeling system can bring revolutionary efficiency improvement to the field of surveying and mapping.

        Technical Parameters

        CameraTotal Pixel


        Exposure Mode

        Fixed Point,Timing

        Power Supply

        Built-in Dedicated Battery Power

        Number Of Cameras


        Minimum Exposure interval


        POS Record

        Self-contained GPS Record POS Geographic Information

        Lens Focal Length




        Data Reading Method

        Read POS Data, Photos Via USB

        Cell Size


        Total Weight


        PC Software

        Data Preprocessing, One-click Generation Of Modeling Project Files

        The Product Video

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        Platform support: 上海微領軟件    Design and production:徐州網商天下信息科技有限公司
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