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      HHGAS-6B Gas Detection Pod


      Product Details

      The multi-function gas component analyzer can simultaneously carry 6 different types of gas sensors to monitor the toxic and harmful gases in the scene in real time, and the 6 kinds of gas sensors can be replaced at any time according to the site requirements, so as to analyze the smoke toxicity of the fire field in depth. Auxiliary firefighting and rescue decision-making, providing guidance for personal protection of firefighters when entering the fire. At the same time, the collected real-time fire field data can enrich the fire site database and provide on-site information for the fire command.

      Technical Parameters

      Gas Component Detection

      Six Components

      Data View

      Computer PC, Mobile APP

      Terrestrial Communication


      Particle Detection


      Data Storage

      Local And PC Simultaneous Storage


      Self-contained GPS Recording To Detect Position, Latitude, And High Geographic Information

      Environmental Monitoring

      Temperature Humidity

      Airborne Power Supply

      Aircraft Power Supply

      PC Software

      Real-time Map Viewing, Threshold Alarm Settings, etc.

      Gas Detection Accuracy


      Airborne End Weight


      Support For Detecting Gas Components

      SO2、NO2、CO O3、O2、CO2、H2S、HCL、NH3、CH4、H2、CL2、HF、More Than 30 Kinds Of benzene, Toluene, Ethylene Oxide, Etc.

      The Product Video

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