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        HHOEP-3A Bnocular Infrared Pod


        Product Details

        The photoelectric pod integrates two modules of high-definition visible light and infrared thermal imaging. The visible light movement adopts high-definition zoom movement, and users can zoom in or out according to the need of the scene to obtain clearer live image information. Infrared thermal imaging has a temperature measurement function and can transmit infrared images with temperature information in real time. Visible and infrared thermal imaging are simultaneously output using picture-in-picture and support for changing multiple display modes. The three-axis pan/tilt provides pitch and rotation control, and the horizontal roll is self-stabilizing mode, which is convenient for users to collect images in multiple directions.

        Technical Parameters


        Three-axis Gimbal

        Visible Light Pixel

        2 million pixels

        Video Out Put

        Picture-in-picture Output, Support 4 Mode Switching

        PTZ Control Range

        Heading ±160°, Pitch +30° to -90°

        Optical Zoom

        30 times

        Temperature Measurement Area

        Center Point Temperature, Maximum Temperature, Minimum Temperature

        PTZ Control Mode

        SBUS, PWM, Serial Port

        Infrared Thermal Imaging




        PTZ Control Accuracy

        0.02 Degrees

        Lens Focal Length


        Total Weight


        The Product Video

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