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        Home-3DGIS-Environmental Monitoring Platform


        3 d GIS environmental monitoring management platform system, on the basis of two 3 d integration GIS platform, integrated management exist in waste water, waste gas enterprise, sewage treatment plants, rivers, the air in cities, such as the risk source of information, through the emergency resources, GIS spatial analysis, vehicle positioning, real-time video display of routine environmental monitoring management. At the same time, for environmental pollution emergency incidents, the platform can realize the whole-process supervision of early warning, police reception, decision-making assistance, emergency command, information release and scientific evaluation.

        Daily inspection management
        The prevention of
        Emergency disposal
        Scientific evaluation


        • Real-time monitoring

          Through monitoring software and field PLC, accurate and orderly monitoring and control of all production processes, instruments, equipment and facilities in the whole plant, collect their various process parameters, electrical parameters, equipment data and status, control their operation, and make them stable, orderly and reliable.

        • The system alarm

          For abnormal equipment, failure or process, water quality parameters, etc., warning can be issued through the picture and sound of the workstation to remind the staff on duty to handle.

        • Historical trend curve

          Establish various databases, save process parameters, electrical parameters, electrical equipment operation data, control data, fault information, automatically generate historical database, and generate historical trend curve and report, providing reliable basis for production management, accident analysis, process control optimization, etc.

        • WEB publishing

          The system supports WEB publishing function, which can publish the data of sewage treatment plant monitoring center to the monitoring center through WEB publishing.

        • 3DGIS

          The system supports the management of all devices in the factory on the three-dimensional map of the factory. Users can click on the device or the station room to enter the automatic control interface of the site. The map management can be classified according to the division of the factory area and automatic control equipment, and meanwhile, it supports the zoom, zoom and roaming operation of the map.

        • Statistical analysis

          In order to better support leadership decisions, the system can provide various types of statistical analysis reports after auditing.

        Application scenario

        For provincial and municipal government emergency, industry management departments, ecological environmental protection departments/bureaus, etc., customize typical cases and scenarios with pre-planning exercises, and support multiple relevant departments to participate in remote collaborative participation, complete the whole process of preparation, implementation and evaluation of drills. Provide simulation training environment support for actual environmental pollution emergency response processing.


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