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        Home-3DGIS-Enterprise Emergency Management Platform


        Enterprise emergency management system based on 3 d GIS platform is a large swan in jiangsu province by geographic information system (GIS), three-dimensional modeling technology to realize safety production management of the enterprise areas of rapid 3 d modeling, intuitive display production management area 3 d model of real realization of information management system of production management area through the Internet of things technology, improve management efficiency, reduce operating costs. Real-time production equipment information check can timely and accurately understand the equipment operation status, timely find out whether the equipment is faulty, and avoid the production loss and even safety hidden dangers of the enterprise.

        Hazard management
        Accident simulation
        Analysis of evaluation


        • Geographic information and scenario management

          Geographic information and scene holographic management, to build really three-dimensional scene, integration of the surrounding three-dimensional landscape. It realizes the operations of three-dimensional map translation, zooming and rotation, and provides flexible analysis and interactive functions, including spatial positioning, spatial analysis and spatial measurement

        • Emergency resource management

          Organize and classify emergency resources information, automatically query major hazard sources, emergency rescue forces, residential areas and other information within the selected range, give the query results according to distance and distance by the form of list, and visually check the location of the target concerned and the distance from the center

        • Process and facility management

          The geographical location, basic attributes and other information of the equipment and facilities can be inquired in the three-dimensional scene.

        • Major hazard management

          The system classifies major hazards in the scene by region, selects a major hazard system to automatically locate the hazards in the scene, and conducts classified inquiry and management through hazard level and category of hazards

        • Emergency plan management

          Based on the three-dimensional modeling of the real scene, the text plan is only made into visual elements for display and storage by setting fire conditions and specifying rescue action plans. In emergency rescue, it can quickly match yuan, assist emergency commanders to issue emergency instructions, and quickly and effectively respond to emergencies.

        Application scenario

        For provincial and municipal government emergency, industry management departments, ecological environmental protection departments/bureaus, etc., customize typical cases and scenarios with pre-planning exercises, and support multiple relevant departments to participate in remote collaborative participation, complete the whole process of preparation, implementation and evaluation of drills. Provide simulation training environment support for actual environmental pollution emergency response processing.


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