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      Home-3D GIS-Intelligent Fire Control Visualization Platform


      The three-dimensional GIS fire fighting command platform, using the geographic information system (GIS) and the oblique photography three-dimensional modeling technology, can establish the actual three-dimensional model of urban fire control areas and key units of fire control, and realize the seamless connection between the two-dimensional map and the three-dimensional model. Realize the docking of real-time monitoring information of fire control room, including video monitoring information, fire linkage alarm information, and water extinguishing system equipment information; Provide a platform for decision-makers who can view information from the disaster site remotely to direct rescue; It provides help for scientific and reasonable fire rescue plan, and achieves real-time transmission of fire field information, including temperature distribution information of fire field and concentration distribution information of toxic and harmful gases; The system of real-time monitoring at the disaster site can realize the omni-directional monitoring at the disaster site. Perfect the command process of fire fighting and realize efficient docking from receiving and sending police to on-site rescue; The function module of sand table drill and plan drill is developed, and the three-dimensional packaging module of man-vehicle is established, which can be used for both wartime command and ordinary time drill, so as to ensure that fire rescue has a basis. The software is simple, easy to learn, easy to use, comprehensive functions, professional fire command system software.


      • Plan to edit

        Custom encapsulated 3d model

        Multi-plan editor

        Plan transfer quickly

      • Industry in interaction

        Multiple sources report the police situation

        Determine whether there is false alarm

        Push the warning timely

      • Efficient response

        Real-time path planning

        Road monitoring assistance

        Unit fit

      • Accurate rescue

        Real-time information interaction

        Intelligently demarcates the security scope

        Sand table exercise efficient deployment

      • Scientific evaluation

        Comparison of preplan and actual extinguishing effect

        Disaster area assessment

        Assessment of post-disaster reconstruction


      The platform is oriented to provincial, municipal and district and county emergency rescue units. It constructs command and battle scenes with key units at all levels within the district, and realizes the drill of emergency command plan within the platform. The whole process of emergency command and rescue is completed scientifically and accurately, from decision support to post war evaluation.

      The whole process of emergency command and rescue has been completed scientifically and accurately, from decision-making assistance and accurate rescue to postwar evaluation

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