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        Jiangsu HHUAV Application Technology CO.,Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, a private scientific and technological enterprise in Jiangsu Province, a small and medium-sized enterprise in science and technology, which has passed the quality management system certification and double soft certification, and is a pioneer in the application field of domestic uav industry. The company has independent intellectual property rights and core technologies and more than 20 intellectual property rights of various kinds, relying on the mature integrated mechanism of "production, education, research and application" of China university of mining. Its core products, 3d GIS platform, tilt camera, uav gas analysis equipment and other products are at the leading level in China.

        Founded in 2015, the company now has 28 employees, including 2 doctoral candidates, 2 master candidates, 6 undergraduates from 985 and 211 renowned universities in China, and 20 r&d technicians.

        The company's main business includes fire fighting uav system and its mounted components, uav service, smart fire protection equipment and smart fire protection software. The company has developed core technology products including photoelectric pod, tilt camera, gas detection module and ground control station on the technical equipment of fire uav detection, detection, rescue and decision support system, and has reached strategic cooperation with world-class industrial uav enterprises. We have reached strategic cooperation with the international top company Acute3D in greater China and have successfully developed and delivered the integrated command system software of fire planning based on 3D geographic model. The company and its team have jointly declared four national 13th five-year science and technology projects and two ministry of public security science and technology projects with institutions and enterprises such as tianjin fire research institute of the ministry of public security, shenyang fire research institute, sichuan surveying and mapping bureau and xugong group. At present, Jiangsu HHUAV Application Technology CO.,Ltd. has owned a number of computer software copyright and utility model patents, and won the first prize of the 7th China fire protection association scientific and technological innovation award, and the second prize of national postgraduate smart city technology and creative design competition.




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